How to Make an Essay Longer – Know the Facts

When someone is writing an essay, how to make an essay longer is one of the important aspects which logically depends on the number of words you use in the content.
The essay should be lengthy is one of the instructions given by the examiner.

Some of the ways by which you can make an essay longer is increasing the number of words to clarify the meaning, giving the brief about your writing in the essay, using the quotes by famous personalities to describe the topic, and writing a lengthy introduction and conclusion to elaborate the essay.

Increase the Number of Words to Clarify the Meaning

One of the ways by which you can make your essay longer is by increasing or adding the number of words. To clarify the meaning of any sentence, you need to write the descriptions to all the subheadings you use while writing the essay.

Give the Brief about Your Writing in the Essay

When you get the topic or start writing about a topic, you can throw some light on the background to build a base to the essay which will help to elongate your passage. You can use factual data and examples to support the statements you are using in the essay.

Use the Quotes by Famous Personalities to Describe the Topic

While writing the passage or essay, you should use one-liner, phrases or quotes that relate to the topic you are writing an essay on. Quotes and phrases are the best fillers as they not only make your writing interesting but also increase the number of words to make your essay lengthy.

Write a Lengthy Introduction and Conclusion to Elaborate the Essay

Normally, an essay has a shorter introduction and conclusion, but you can always add and increase the number of words in both these areas of an essay. Touch every point you have mentioned in the essay when you are writing the conclusion. Read twice or thrice so that you know exactly where you can add words.

Tricks to Increase the Length Even After You Have Finished the Essay

Sometimes, even after finishing the essay, we are not able to meet the word limit or the length we are asked to meet. We can do a few more things to do the same. We can always use commas and periods to break the sentence instead of completing it by using a full stop as it gives us the scope of using more words and increasing our word limit.

You can also do spacing to make your essay look long. Increase the length of your headings and titles as most of the essays have short headings which could be made descriptive. A heading instead of being a word can be a phrase. It would not only make it look lengthy but good to a reader.

Following all these steps will help you with how to make the essay longer and build good content.