Narrative Essay Writing Help: Read This Before You Start Writing

Narrative essay writing is one of the easiest tasks you will have to complete in your life and especially education. The main definition is that a narrative essay is used to tell a story. As such, it must explain the setting, climax, characters and of course must have a proper ending. But, you will tell a story from your own point of view, so you will have freedom other essays don’t provide.

Main facts to know

Before you start with narrative essay writing, you should choose a specific event or situation from your memory. We all have thousands of memories that should be shared with other people and which will make them get more interested in your life. The key is to find a plot that offers these advantages.

All writers should know that you must provide the claim of your opinion in the first paragraph. Some may choose the first sentence, which is common, while others may choose the last sentence in the first paragraph which isn’t a mistake either.

Keep in mind that you should use vivid verbs and words in general in an effort to provide the most accurate description of that situation. Your goal is to explain the plot as best as you can and in order to do so, you will definitely want to use strong words.

Use the following conventions

Some conventions definitely should be used in the narrative essays and they can make a massive difference. The first one is to use I or first person (singular) in the content. After all, you are creating the content which is based on your own story which is focused on the actual event or situation that occurred in your past. Obviously, using WE won’t have a sense.

Sensory details are the most important part of the essay. All of these essays rely on sensory writing in order to tell the story in such a way readers can believe they are a part of the story. There is no need to add that you should use all senses during narrative essay writing and it is the simplest, yet the best way to explain the plot.

There are a lot of examples which can be used for narrative essays. But, we discovered that some examples are the most common among the students. They are:

  1. The first day of school or college
  2. A journey that changed you
  3. of your own success

We will also add that dialogues can be used in narrative essays. However, they are better left to professionals who will use them in the most adequate meaning. If this is your first essay of this kind, don’t use dialogues.

Narrative essay writing can be tough and appealing at the same time. There are a lot of examples out there, as you already know. A more important matter is the fact you already have many stories to tell that will be interesting to thousands of readers. Find the one you think the best is and start writing.